Where to Hook up at UBC, Part #2

There’s a puerile Vancity Buzz article by Lauren Sundstrom about public places to hookup at UBC. The list includes the English graduate student lounge.

The Buchanan Tower is a rather imposing building that was designed by Christopher Erickson in the “Brutalism” style, but don’t let the stark concrete structure fool you; it’s a great place for sexy times.

As Lucia Lorenzi pointed out on her excellent open letter, it’s really not OK, even if it gets your rocks off:

Indeed, sex in public places may be a thing for some people, but the basic rule of sex with healthy boundaries is this: don’t get anyone involved who doesn’t want to be. This is not about prudishness or the condemnation of sexuality, which I’m certain other critics may charge the complainants with. Rather, it is about the reality that when articles point out — indeed, promote — the enjoyment of the participants in sexual activity over the safety or the access of the people who work and live and rest in particular spaces, this violates some of the most basic concepts of consent.

But if turning a university into your own private dorm room is just a thing that’s going to be acceptable now, I don’t want to be called a prude or something. So here’s my list of places to hookup on campus that Lauren Sundstrom forgot to add. Perhaps she can add it to part #2?

#1 Atop the desk in Arvind Gupta’s empty office.


#2 In Koerner Library, shrouded in a giant fort that you’ve created out of the canonical books of English literature.


#3 In the lineup to that new noodle place, because oh my god who can just wait around that long to get their pad thai.


#4 In the middle of a math lecture, because that’s what that Jackson 5 song was about right?


#5 at the UBC Farm, so you can have your very own “tractor story.”

#6 Wearing these hats. Because you didn’t learn anything, but at least you got laid–right?