Influential philosopher slams UBC, again

Brian Leiter, on the Montalbano/Berdahl controversy at UBC:

It’s clear the culture of the place strongly disfavors free speech, especially speech critical of any vested interest (indeed, to the point, that some of the resident lunatics think they can appeal to their administration for remedies for blog posts in the U.S. they do not like!).  This can not be a happy place to work these days.

This isn’t the first time he slammed UBC (that’s what he’s referring to in the parentheses). He had a controversy with a UBC philosophy professor, and said the department (of which I am a graduate) is a “shit department.”

As it reveals in that article, he just really doesn’t care about being rude. For what it’s worth, I’ve recently started reading his blog, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Entertaining, provocative, and a wide assortment of excellent links. My favourite academic blog (so far).

I’m compiling a list so that I can get a nice blogroll. Do you have any recommendations? I’m particularly interested in blogs that have a nice balance of discussions about research & university affairs/other political and economic questions about the role of the university.