I’ve spent the last seven years working and studying at the University of British Columbia. Over that time, I’ve become something of a (soft-spoken) loud mouth, with opinions about education policy, research and knowledge mobilization, student affairs, campus life–basically, all things higher education. Those opinions first appeared in the Ubyssey, where I wrote a regular column for almost three years. Then, I left punditry to work with a team of students and faculty to create BarTalk and the Terry Project Podcast. Today, we call this Citedthe first radio documentary series produced by the academy. It’s Sam Fenn and I making shows about important research and how that research affects (and sometimes doesn’t affect) our world. As nerdy as that sounds, people seem to like it. We’ve won two national documentary awards, and our work has been featured on the Tyee, The Georgia Straight, NPR, and 95 other campus and community radio stations. I’m going to try to keep making this kind of radio, which means I have to keep thinking about higher education. So, I’ve decided to create this blog to jot down some of the things I think about.